Frequently Asked Questions

Sometimes we have questions that you may feel embarrassed to ask, you assume that you should know the answers, but the truth is we all have these, hopefully the below questions will help you with any questions you may have, if not please feel free to contact us and we will help. No question is ever to big or small.

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Do I need a solicitor?

No, in order to do a Will you do not need a solicitor, Will Writers can also do this for you, the best thing is to make sure you do your Will with someone who you feel comfortable discussing your needs with. We are members of the Society of Will Writers ensuring we are always up to date with legislation.

Do I need to find my own Executors?

No, we can assist you with this, professionals can be selected instead of friends or family. We can show you what options you have if you don’t feel you know anyone suited for the role.

Do I need to be a certain age for a Will?

In order for a Will to be made the person making the will must be over the age of 18, unless the person is in the forces in which different rules apply.

Do I need to have large amounts of money?

No, anybody can make a Will no matter how much money you have, Wills are not made just for people with large sums of money or estates they can also include things of sentiment. Everybody should have a Will so people know your requests once the time arrives.

Can I choose anybody to manage my health/financial requests once I am unable?

You can choose anybody you wish, however we do suggest that if you get a Lasting Power of Attorney that you choose people who you trust to act within your own wishes.

What happens if I don’t have a Will?

Without a Will you are declared as ‘intestate’ which means that the state decides where your treasures go, this can be an emotional time for families already due to their loss, without having the potential added pressure of dealing with intestate. 



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