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Planning for a funeral is not a new concept it is has been happening since the Victorian times however now with such a variety of options and prices increasing planning is key.

Funeral directors are often finding themselves in the difficult position where there are open disagreements between family members as to what mum, dad, brother, sister wanted for their funeral… and then, who is going to pay for it! You can also include if you wish personal requests, for example what choice of music, hymns or readings are to be included in the service, and if you wish for donations to charity

We are acting agents for a select handful of companies whom offer funeral plans, some of the top rated within the UK. Some with over 100 years of experience in arranging funerals. We do this so we can offer our clients variety, there is a plan suitable for everyone.

Some of the plans we offer also offer payment plans and if you choose to pay in instalments between 2-25 years, some companies offer ‘the commitment’. This means if you pass away after the first 12 months of your plan, but before all your instalments have been paid, they will still deliver all the services provided in your plan, with no more for your family to pay, giving you further peace of mind. 

There is also NO medical required.

We even offer all green funeral plans!

Our Services


No matter what your estate requirements we are sure we can assist you. Whether your situation is straight forward or your estate is more in-depth we will have something to help give you piece of mind.

Lasting Power of Attorney

In the unfortunate circumstance that you are incapable of managing your own affairs, financial or personal healthcare matters a Lasting Power of Attorney can help loved ones to act upon your wishes.


We offer both Will trusts and living trusts depending upon your requirements, These can play a crucial part to planning your estate. We can help guide you putting your interests first.

Probate Assistance

When you lose a loved one it is a difficult time, especially when you are also given the task of probate and administering their estate. We are here to help assist you through this challenging time.

Advanced Directives

Helping to assist you with specific requests in relation to end of life wishes through a legalised document completed ahead of time. Ensuring all relevant parties are also aware.


Do you require more than one service from Your Will Your Way? If so we offer discounts when taking out more than one service. Take a look at our discount bundles and get all your plans in place in one meeting.



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